Saturday, August 22, 2015

A whole year later...

I stink at blogging. Is anyone surprised? In my last post, a year ago, I was very clear to say that I was not pregnant. Now, I very clearly am:

We're over the moon to be having a little girl in September (or any day now if she knows what's good for her :P)

I hate being pregnant, but I feel very blessed to have the opportunity. I was super sick the first few months and lost a LOT of weight, but my doctor says I'm doing much better and I look forward to meeting the little girl.

In other news, Garrett is now a 3rd year Medical Student, which means he's started his rotations. He's loving being in the clinic and not studying all the time. He took his boards in June and did great, so we're really proud of him and all his hard work. Medical School is not for the faint of heart, but he is doing great.

Life is pretty much the same for me, barring the parasite (the baby). I'm a nursery leader in my church congregation which is pretty much insane. We have eleven three-and-unders some days and I have officially decided that I will not have eleven kids at once.

Eli is growing so fast! He's still our little guy who happens to be the same size as a lot of kids a year younger than him, but he is OBSESSED with baseball. He hits pitched balls all day, rarely goes anywhere without his mitt and hat and can identify Miller Park (the Brewers' Stadium) by just the top of the rafters. Garrett is quite proud of our little lefty.

Well, hopefully I'll be getting on here soon with an update about little miss. In the mean time... here's to waiting!