Thursday, December 17, 2015

LDS Primary 2016 Calendar

I thought I would share this calendar I made up for the upcoming Primary year. I customized it to have a large space for Sunday, and then smaller spaces for the reset of the week, since I need to write the most information on Sundays.

I put the lesson theme for the week, along with the song we should be working on that month. It's only in black and white, since I only have a black and white printer, but you could always color it if you need a little more pizzazz in your life. You can print it on 12 pages of 8.5" by 11" paper.

Oh, and January is a bit weird because we're treating the first Sunday like a fifth Sunday.

Anyway, enjoy!

Download Here

You'll click on this picture when you follow the link:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A whole year later...

I stink at blogging. Is anyone surprised? In my last post, a year ago, I was very clear to say that I was not pregnant. Now, I very clearly am:

We're over the moon to be having a little girl in September (or any day now if she knows what's good for her :P)

I hate being pregnant, but I feel very blessed to have the opportunity. I was super sick the first few months and lost a LOT of weight, but my doctor says I'm doing much better and I look forward to meeting the little girl.

In other news, Garrett is now a 3rd year Medical Student, which means he's started his rotations. He's loving being in the clinic and not studying all the time. He took his boards in June and did great, so we're really proud of him and all his hard work. Medical School is not for the faint of heart, but he is doing great.

Life is pretty much the same for me, barring the parasite (the baby). I'm a nursery leader in my church congregation which is pretty much insane. We have eleven three-and-unders some days and I have officially decided that I will not have eleven kids at once.

Eli is growing so fast! He's still our little guy who happens to be the same size as a lot of kids a year younger than him, but he is OBSESSED with baseball. He hits pitched balls all day, rarely goes anywhere without his mitt and hat and can identify Miller Park (the Brewers' Stadium) by just the top of the rafters. Garrett is quite proud of our little lefty.

Well, hopefully I'll be getting on here soon with an update about little miss. In the mean time... here's to waiting!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The CRPS Chronicles

Well, as most people know, I've had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome since I had a knee surgery when I was 16. I'm 23. Just a handful of weeks after having Eli, I witnessed miracle after miracle that finally led to me getting a Spinal Cord Stimulator that has literally changed my life.

Feel free to ask me if you have anymore questions about that, but that's not the point of this post.

I was given just one rule that made me sad upon getting the SCS, I had to turn it off before my next pregnancy. As most people also know (I'm not very secretive about it), that time is coming up.

Just to clarify.

Anyway, I was holding out some hope that maybe they would make an exception for me and I would get to keep my stimulator on. Well, they didn't. I went to my pain care specialist today, and though he assured me it was still my decision, I did not get the super enthusiastic green light I was hoping for. This means I'll be turning off my stimulator as soon as we decide to start trying (which I will be a little more quiet about, but I can't really hide a limp :P).

I really try to follow the commandment "Fear Not." I'm not going to say this has become a strength, but it at least has become something I'm thinking about. When it comes to making the decision to put myself back in pain — and possibly aid the CRPS in spreading — I'm not just scared, I'm terrified. I've spent many the night panicking to Garrett about all the things that could go wrong, everything that could be negative. I spend very little time having faith.

But Garrett is perfect, so he's always able to be the voice of reason. He told me that if he only looked at all the things that could go wrong he would never be in medical school. He wouldn't be pursuing dermatology. We probably wouldn't have had Eli. We probably wouldn't have gotten married. Things can always go wrong. That's life. It's the risk we took coming here. But we've received the commandment to "Fear not" because it will all work out. I'm not saying the next year of my life is going to be the best, but I know it's the right decision. We've prayed, fasted and now it's time for us to trust.

How else do we grow?

Well, I'll keep everyone updated in my own slow little way. Probably not as updated as my family would like, but they now know more than they knew with Eli :P

Friday, September 19, 2014

iPhone Family Photo — and an update

Last Sunday we all happened to match. Now, if you know me, you know this is rare. I hate matching. However, it turned into something good this time — an iPhone family picture :D

Things are going really well around the McCoy house.

Garrett is studying hard and realizing how awesome it is to have Kendell, Phil, Justin and Jordan go through medical school before him. Their advice has been so helpful and has really spurred us into action. Garrett is already preparing for boards, studying for his 2nd year classes, continuing his research, serving in the Elders Quorum and being an amazing father and husband. I don't know how he does it all — but he does fall asleep on the couch a lot ;)

I'm doing really well. The past few weeks I've actually felt normal. I don't get stuck in bed anymore, I can leave the house and, best of all, I'm actually doing chores around the house. This in no way means my house is immaculate, but I've cooked dinner every day this week and Garrett has yet to run out of underwear. That's pretty good in my book.

And little Eli. I love that kid so much (another thing that's really made me feel normal). He has started to color and doesn't actually eat that many crayons, which is nice. He also says Mom, Dad and Jesus and has specific noises for Yes, Hello and Car (Vroooooooom). He's so mellow and happy — and crazy! He never stops moving unless he's asleep. I've even taken to letting him have a toy car at dinner so he doesn't throw his food. Oh, the things I swore I'd never do... :D

That's really all I can think of from the McCoy family. Life is normal, crazy and wonderful. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Autumn Wind is a Pirate

...blustering in from sea,
With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,
Swaggering boisterously...

Friday Garrett and I left Eli in the more-than-capable hands of the Sloan's and went to see a Raiders game. That's right. There was a Raiders game in Wisconsin — it was at this little place called Lambeau Field where some random team known as the Green Bay Packers plays. Not important. ;)

Believe it or not, we weren't the only Raider fans there.
That's Raider Nation for you.
Garrett was seriously on cloud nine. I could tell, because he called me multiple times to make sure I was getting everything ready — which at one point made me cry because I had just moved a million couches into different people's homes and I didn't have time to curl my hair before we left.

I'm not pregnant, I swear. Apparently I'm actually that irrational.

We went up with our friends, Kedric and Kelli Glen. They're first years at MCW and they're in our ward (isn't it crazy to think that was us last year!?). We also met up with Steve Nelson at the game, though sadly, I didn't get to see his wife :(

Anyway, the Raiders were not able to pull a win on this one. The score was 31-21, but it should have been 31-28, however, as Garrett said, "It's pre-season for the refs too."

Green Bay was actually really classy when we were there. Charles Woodsen and Jameson Jones are two guys who used to be clutch players for the Packers, but who now play for the Raiders. At least three times throughout the game, the announcer announced "Let's give it up for Charles Woodsen's (or Jameson Jones') return to Packer country" and the stands would explode in applause. When Woodsen left the field for the final time he received a standing ovation.

Speaking of standing ovations, I love a state that gives a hearty thank you applause to the service men (and women) who attend the games. I believe there were two separate occasions of military-induced standing ovations.

Another super cute moment, on our way out we happened to walk past the Raider's busses. The players were in this meet and greet area where they saw family and friends who came to the game. Garrett just sat there and excitedly told me, "That's ________. He's a (position in football). He went to (college). He was a (this round draft pick, if applicable)."

Where he stores all this information I'll never know, but I love him for it. And thanks to our friends for letting us sit there for another 45 minutes. It meant a lot to Garrett.