Monday, August 25, 2014

The Autumn Wind is a Pirate

...blustering in from sea,
With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,
Swaggering boisterously...

Friday Garrett and I left Eli in the more-than-capable hands of the Sloan's and went to see a Raiders game. That's right. There was a Raiders game in Wisconsin — it was at this little place called Lambeau Field where some random team known as the Green Bay Packers plays. Not important. ;)

Believe it or not, we weren't the only Raider fans there.
That's Raider Nation for you.
Garrett was seriously on cloud nine. I could tell, because he called me multiple times to make sure I was getting everything ready — which at one point made me cry because I had just moved a million couches into different people's homes and I didn't have time to curl my hair before we left.

I'm not pregnant, I swear. Apparently I'm actually that irrational.

We went up with our friends, Kedric and Kelli Glen. They're first years at MCW and they're in our ward (isn't it crazy to think that was us last year!?). We also met up with Steve Nelson at the game, though sadly, I didn't get to see his wife :(

Anyway, the Raiders were not able to pull a win on this one. The score was 31-21, but it should have been 31-28, however, as Garrett said, "It's pre-season for the refs too."

Green Bay was actually really classy when we were there. Charles Woodsen and Jameson Jones are two guys who used to be clutch players for the Packers, but who now play for the Raiders. At least three times throughout the game, the announcer announced "Let's give it up for Charles Woodsen's (or Jameson Jones') return to Packer country" and the stands would explode in applause. When Woodsen left the field for the final time he received a standing ovation.

Speaking of standing ovations, I love a state that gives a hearty thank you applause to the service men (and women) who attend the games. I believe there were two separate occasions of military-induced standing ovations.

Another super cute moment, on our way out we happened to walk past the Raider's busses. The players were in this meet and greet area where they saw family and friends who came to the game. Garrett just sat there and excitedly told me, "That's ________. He's a (position in football). He went to (college). He was a (this round draft pick, if applicable)."

Where he stores all this information I'll never know, but I love him for it. And thanks to our friends for letting us sit there for another 45 minutes. It meant a lot to Garrett.

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's a miracle! I can craft!

I just wanted to share some of the things I've been making lately. I sew pretty much every gift I give and I only remember to take a picture of a quarter of them. I'm really starting to enjoy it though, and I like figuring out how to make different fabrics work for what I need them to.

I few months ago my LDS church congregation had a huge free rummage and someone dropped off bolts and bolts of fabric, which I subsequently stored in my car for the rest of the day. It's been a wonderful blessing, because we definitely could not afford to keep up with my sewing habit :D

Here are some of my sewing projects:


I've also been trying to have decorations for every season:

St. Patrick's Day
Fourth of July 

My bread making skills have improved drastically as well. Though I am far from notorious for my bread, I do hope people are happy to get a loaf. I've been carefully tweaking my recipe and, except for a few bad adjustments, it's been getting better and better.
My honey whole wheat bread
Pretzel rolls for chicken

French Loaf. I made this one for an auction.
Cupcakes I made for Eli's birthday

Donatello and Leonardo cupcakes.
Raphael was a fruit platter
My Michelangelo Cake

And, of course, because I love Garrett: