Thursday, February 16, 2012

My First Valentine

Around this time last year Garrett and I started dating, but my hot/cold personality made it so I wasn't wholly appreciative of last year's flower and visit. However, all that is long in the past now (thankfully!), so I finally got to spend my first Valentine's Day with a Valentine. Best of all, he's my one true love!

For Valentine's Day this year I had only one request — I did NOT want to go out. I know I'm supposed to be romantic and have dinner and all that jazz, but I'm not a huge fan of large crowds and Valentine's Day (at least in my mind) is just one giant, lovey-dovey crowd.

So, we decided to make heart shaped pizza :D

The recipe itself is pretty simple, and I'll include it tonight, but I just wanted to get some pictures up of what we did :D

Of course, Garrett and I exchanged Valentine's Day gifts.

The best part of it all, to me—not him—was our mini photo shoot I made him take. What can I say, I like to have pictures of us :D

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  1. What a fun Valentines Day! You guys are cute :) Jordan & I will have to make heart pizzas sometime!