Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rottenburg is Rotten!

Just kidding. It's not. It was actually wonderful. This post is continuing the travel log I wrote while on a vacation in Europe with Garrett and my mother.

Day Four
Aug. 22, 2012

*The following section was written by Garrett as if he were Allison:
So we got up to leave Brugge after a delicious breakfast with cheese and bread and cereal. Who knew that all you eat in Europe is cheese and bread… but hey I’m down. Then we left the hotel and went to pick up the car. And once again we speak English and everything else is in a different language. Some nice Belgian ladies helped us figure out how to pay for parking and about 15 minutes later we left the parking lot. Yep, that’s right 15 minutes later. Between using the wrong ticket (the first one wouldn’t fit in the slot because it was not the right ticket. It was the one we used to park with the day before in a completely different lot. The other ticket, the correct one, was on the dash. Oops. Luckily Garrett was there to save the day again. Anyway we left for Germany. After many conversations about hair, fashion, weddings, baby clothes, and hair again, Garrett was pretty much asleep. I wonder why?

After about 2 hours on the road the monster emerged. That monster is my stomach. I was hungry. After many yelling matches, tears, lots of tears, and a lot of estrogen Garrett finally asked why I was being so mean and I finally admitted the real problem… I was hungry. He gave me some cheese and crackers and the rest of the 4 hours was spent apologizing (probably the words “I’m sorry” were said literally about 1,473,342 time Garrett counted…1,473,443 I said it again) for the previous two because I felt guilty. Add in many wrong turns, hard brakes, and increased heart rates we made it in one piece.

*End Garrett section
Thanks for that Garrett.

Anyway, and this is actually Allison speaking, we got in the car and headed to Rottenburg. Maybe there was a little drama in there, but Garrett is such an over-exaggerator. 

We were planning to spend two days in Rottenburg, so it was okay that when we arrived everything was closed. I mean, it was kind of crazy. What kind of tourist town closes shop at 5?

We checked into our super, super nice hotel. Garrett did the searching for this one and it was 180 degrees different than our last places. Our earlier hotels were both very European — the rooms were small, the bathrooms smaller and everything was sectioned off into separate little rooms. This place, however, was huge. There was a porch we could sit on (but we didn’t because EVERYONE smokes here) with a little garden beneath it, the bathroom had a full size tub in it, there was a little sitting area and mom got a real bed (have a mentioned that mom is super nice and lets Garrett and I sleep in the big bed while she sleeps in the single bed?).

Here’s my one qualm though — Europeans do not know how to make showers. Do they just not take showers here? (That was not a “Europeans don’t shower” joke… I’m assuming they take baths.) Let me describe to you a typical shower. The faucet is one of those bendy, moves wherever you want it to, ones. I actually don’t mind this except for the fact that they don’t allow you to store it in an outward facing direction — it’s straight down or in your hands. Usually, it is in a bathtub, however the curtain never goes the length of the bathtub. The furthest we’ve gotten one was halfway down the tub. This allows water to splash out, so you have to waste one of your precious towels (which aren’t even big enough to cover a normal sized person) to mop up the floor.

I know, first world problems.

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