Monday, August 18, 2014

It's a miracle! I can craft!

I just wanted to share some of the things I've been making lately. I sew pretty much every gift I give and I only remember to take a picture of a quarter of them. I'm really starting to enjoy it though, and I like figuring out how to make different fabrics work for what I need them to.

I few months ago my LDS church congregation had a huge free rummage and someone dropped off bolts and bolts of fabric, which I subsequently stored in my car for the rest of the day. It's been a wonderful blessing, because we definitely could not afford to keep up with my sewing habit :D

Here are some of my sewing projects:


I've also been trying to have decorations for every season:

St. Patrick's Day
Fourth of July 

My bread making skills have improved drastically as well. Though I am far from notorious for my bread, I do hope people are happy to get a loaf. I've been carefully tweaking my recipe and, except for a few bad adjustments, it's been getting better and better.
My honey whole wheat bread
Pretzel rolls for chicken

French Loaf. I made this one for an auction.
Cupcakes I made for Eli's birthday

Donatello and Leonardo cupcakes.
Raphael was a fruit platter
My Michelangelo Cake

And, of course, because I love Garrett:

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  1. Yay you remembered to take a picture of the cute doll you made for emily