Friday, March 29, 2013


35 weeks along.
35 days left.

In honor of this adorable coincidence, and because I haven't written too many things about pregnancy, I'm going to share 35 facts about how things are going.
The proud dad!
  1. Little baby McCoy is a boy. 
  2. His name will be Eli Thomas McCoy. 
  3. His due date is May 3rd, but we're hoping he comes one week early so both his grandparents can meet him. (I know, wishful thinking :P)
  4. At the beginning of my pregnancy I craved salads. 
  5. ... and apples.
  6. ... and ketchup. 
  7. I didn't really have morning sickness. 
  8. I try not to share that fact with people that did.
  9. We found out I was pregnant on August 31, 2012. Garrett saw the stick first. 
  10. We had a very minor miscarriage scare, but it convinced me to keep it quite. We didn't tell family until after our 11 week appointment. 
  11. Garrett's family is large enough that once they knew there wasn't really a point in keeping it a secret. 
  12. I didn't have any "Mother's Intuition" about what the gender would be. I did have a feeling we were having twins. 
  13. I was very wrong. 
  14. We've been very blessed to have seen the baby (via Ultrasound) 4 times this pregnancy. I've had signs that something might be wrong but nothing has been. 
  15. The doctors have only been worried about two things: at first they thought my placenta was in front of the cervix (it isn't) and then they worried that I was measuring super small (I measure small with the tape measure and big during the ultrasound). 
  16. We bought all our nursery furniture back in April before we even started trying. I found a really good deal on KSL: $160 for the crib, mattress, changing table, changing table pad and dresser. 
    The alien at 19 weeks.
  17. I didn't recognize Eli's kicking until about 24 weeks, but I think I felt it before. 
  18. Garrett has great plans for Eli... He thinks BYU needs a new kicker. :P (I've just been informed he won't be a kicker... just a star football player)
  19. Garrett's favorite pregnancy "symptom" has been my Taco Bell cravings. 
  20. His least favorite pregnancy symptom has probably been my crying. :D
  21. I now have an outie belly button. Sometimes it sticks out through my clothes. 
  22. I don't plan on having an epidural, but I don't plan on not having one. In other words, I'm going to have an epidural. 
  23. One of the hardest things about this pregnancy, mentally, has been my growing belly. I had a lot of deeply buried issues resurface early on. Were it not for my incredible and supportive husband, I'm not sure I could have made it through this pregnancy with my self esteem intact. Though I still dread stepping on the scale at my doctor's appointments, I can honestly say that, thanks to my husband, I have been able to enjoy my new shape. 
    I thought I was showing. Ha!
  24. I think that pregnancy is the coolest miracle ever. I've grown a human, ya'll!!
  25. According to the website I use to give me updates on Eli's size, he's been a squash about 4 times. It's getting ridiculous.
  26. He's a coconut right now. When I told Garrett he asked if that meant our baby was growing brown fur all over his body.
  27. Garrett started Insanity right when I started gaining my biggest bump. He's getting buffer and I'm getting rounder. :P
  28. Less than 2 months after I have the baby, Garrett and I are moving to Wisconsin where he will start Medical School. 
  29. About three weeks after having Eli, doctors will implant a Spinal Cord Stimulator in my back. This is so my leg will get better — I might even be able to run again!
  30. Baby is already upside down and ready to go. 
  31. All the McCoy Boys (and by that I mean Garrett's brothers) have had sons first. Only Justin has had more kids, so we're not sure if that means it's all girls from here on out or not.
  32. The Raiders have already been incorporated into the baby things. I'm sure they will be incorporated more.
  33. We haven't really set up the nursery yet — I won't do it until we move.
  34. I can't get over how tiny newborn babies are.
  35. Our lives are about to change forever, and we can't wait ... and when I say "can't wait" I mean it literally — I'm ready to not be preggers anymore! :)

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  1. gahh I love this post and I wish I could get pictures on my mission of your little miracle! {I'll just have my mom steal some from facebook to e-mail me, ok?} YOU'RE GONNA BE A MAMA!!!! So incredibly exciting.


    p.s- it's a good thing i'm going on a mission soon because this spring/baby fever everyone's got is starting to get to me! i kid, i kid... kinda.