Friday, March 8, 2013

Karl Malone!!!!!

No, I'm not actually celebrating the basketball player with my title. Just the fact that I'm 32 weeks along. (He was number 32 when he played with the Jazz and my mother taught me that 8x4=32 by yelling "Kaaaaaarl Maaaaalooooone!!!" across the kitchen anytime anyone quizzed me on 8x4)

Anyway, I'm starting to get more comfortable with my ever expanding body now that I feel like I actually look pregnant, and not like I just ate an extra burrito. So, in celebration of 32 weeks, here's a bump shot!

(I must admit, this is also partially because I like my outfit)

Anyway, Garrett and I are super excited to be inviting a new member into our family in somewhere around 8 weeks. It's crazy how our lives are going to change, but it will such an amazing adventure. And I know I can do anything as long as I have Garrett by my side.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahaha that is probably THE best way to learn 8x4....

    love the outfit, and the bump!!!