Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tales of a super awesome husband

THE tickets!
As you've probably noticed by now, I pretty much think my husband is the greatest person ever — because he is. However, for Christmas he multiplied that "greatest person ever" thing by a million. You see, though he is fantastic, he is the least cultured person in the world. He would sit through an old football game for the 90th time (here's looking at you John Beck, BYU v. U of U) then go see anything mildly artistic unless it was a concert for one of his no-name bands.

Trying the new Baja Freeze.
Slurpees are still better.
Knowing this fact, you are probably just as surprised as me to discover that for Christmas he SURPRISED me with Jenny Oaks Baker concert tickets. That's right — I didn't even know about the concert. He did it all on his own.

Again, my husband is the greatest person ever.

Anyway, we started out the date in true McCoy fashion — a super fancy dinner at our all time fav... Taco Bell. I'm not kidding though, Taco Bell is seriously one of my favorite places to go eat. I remember someone telling Garrett when we were dating that he had to take me out on nice dates that didn't consist of cheap places like Taco Bell. This seriously concerned me — most of the time we went there because I begged. Luckily, the guy didn't seem to persuade Garrett too much — it was a dating favorite.
The seats... for snuggling

Anyway, I digress. After our super fancy T-Bell run, we got to the theater. I was beyond excited! Garrett had gotten us these cool seats that were like love seats, so we didn't have to be separated by the arm rest — I know, I know, I'm pathetic.

And as for the concert... Amazing, incredible, fantastic. I couldn't stop smiling and I can't believe how talented Jenny Oaks Baker is. It almost makes me want to pull out my violin and practice, but I'm too tired now with all the preggers madness. One day, one day.
We blame this terrible photo on
the lighting, but still cute!

Oh, and did I mention I got her autograph? Yeah, I'm that cool.

Jenny and me!
And that's her autograph I'm clutching.

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